05 July 2011

Our Next Future Community @ Bukit Bintang

These are the pictures of current lifestyle of our next future generation!!! 

Who are they? What are they doing? Why do they do these? 

Our generation need to strive for the next future undertaking, what they want to be, if they are just hang around loitering, dancing, dating and smoking while doing nothing at Bintang Walk. 

Our country need a capable leader to lead the country, to be outstanding in the world, our country need apprentice from current generation to lead Malaysian Global Economy, our country need capable human resource to fit our need of employment, our country need powerful and most trusted persons to be in our government servants. Our country need idealistic people to be teachers in our national schools. 

Next, requirement for life is all about surviving of the fitters, when our next generation can not survive with all of the competition in economy, education and human capital, who going to win??? 

Are we wishing there will be a miracle in the future? 
Stop dreaming!!!

Guys, what we need to do with our generation? I mean Malay... 


alien said...

donno la wan
sad looking at them like that
what can we do?
when young rude to the older.. when the older simply abuse the young..

Azwan Suroto-Field said...

I have no clue too... what to do?? waiting for miracle perhaps...

Anonymous said...

takpe, tu semua bukan melayu, tu semua arab, pakistan n negro..

Azwan Suroto-Field said...

berharaplah sebegitu, tetapi orang-orang arab, pakistan ramai lepak di Starbucks, bukan di kaki lima...

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