03 July 2011

Favorite Arabian Restaurant in Bukit Bintang

Hanging out with my friends who run away from Libya Joda future PhD candidate and Monsef just graduated from UKM, the photographer is Ayoni Amal

We were at Sahara Tent, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. What I love about the restaurant are: 

Best Arabian food so far I ever tasted, most recommended is Kabsah Lamb, Humus and Lantil Soup not only food the people also were so nice... Feel I am an Arabian too. 

The picture of food are the food that I recommended 


Ayoni said...

When you take Joda's photo, you should do it unannounce otherwise he will never smile in any photo! hahaha

Ayoni said...

....and mind you..he didn't run away lah. He just came home -Malaysia.

Azwan Suroto-Field said...

hahaha...meaning that this is the first photo that he smiled???

Ayoni said...

his smile very expensive lah. You to make advance booking to make him smile..coz i think he think..his teeth are very small hahahaha

Joda said...

Thanks, Azwan!

Azwan Suroto-Field said...

wow Joda you have a blog account now???

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