06 July 2011

Azwan Suroto: Kenangan di Taman Negara: Kuala Tahan, Pahang


Kenangan di Taman Negara: Kuala Tahan, Pahang

Absolutely I miss these priceless moments when I served at EMC Management Centre. Appreciation should be awarded to Mr. Fairol Saliken and Mr. Laili Basir of Taman Negara because arranged the program for us. 

Friends, Tess Comiso, Cik Ika, Cik Liza, Mr. Fairol,Cik Syida and her friend made our moment very meaningful. 

Our happy moment begin since our first night at the dorm without any blanket and the haze was extremely COOL... 

I still remember when there was a giant insect (I don't know what it call) on a chair when we were resting somewhere, all of sudden Tess was screaming like a vampire... Hahaha... 

How I wish this happy moment will recap our mind... 

Peace... Mood of Taman Negara 

05 July 2011

Our Next Future Community @ Bukit Bintang

These are the pictures of current lifestyle of our next future generation!!! 

Who are they? What are they doing? Why do they do these? 

Our generation need to strive for the next future undertaking, what they want to be, if they are just hang around loitering, dancing, dating and smoking while doing nothing at Bintang Walk. 

Our country need a capable leader to lead the country, to be outstanding in the world, our country need apprentice from current generation to lead Malaysian Global Economy, our country need capable human resource to fit our need of employment, our country need powerful and most trusted persons to be in our government servants. Our country need idealistic people to be teachers in our national schools. 

Next, requirement for life is all about surviving of the fitters, when our next generation can not survive with all of the competition in economy, education and human capital, who going to win??? 

Are we wishing there will be a miracle in the future? 
Stop dreaming!!!

Guys, what we need to do with our generation? I mean Malay... 

Kata-Kata Ungku Aziz

Kata-kata ini memang menunjukan sikap kita rakyat Malaysia

Jadi sama-samalah kita merenung diri kita agar bukan dalam kategori baik mati... 

04 July 2011

How It Ends

How It Ends... 

This video actually representing my self being back-stabbed by friend... 

I'm gonna be strong even he thinks I can't... 

Sorry I can't simply forget what did you do...   

Melentur Buluh Biarlah dari Rebungnya

Agak comel melihat Si Comel mengaji muqaddam, Si Comel ini bernama Angah (tak tahu nama sebenar) sudah diajar mengenal huruf-huruf ayat suci al-quran. Dia bersama kakak dan sepupunya akan datang ke rumah setiap malam untuk belajar mengaji muqaddam. 

Telatah kanak-kanak biasalah, akan berebut rehal dan siapa yang akan mengaji dahulu, apapun melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya...

Comel bukan???

03 July 2011

Favorite Arabian Restaurant in Bukit Bintang

Hanging out with my friends who run away from Libya Joda future PhD candidate and Monsef just graduated from UKM, the photographer is Ayoni Amal

We were at Sahara Tent, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. What I love about the restaurant are: 

Best Arabian food so far I ever tasted, most recommended is Kabsah Lamb, Humus and Lantil Soup not only food the people also were so nice... Feel I am an Arabian too. 

The picture of food are the food that I recommended 
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